Behind the Scenes on the Minnesota Vikings Commercial

July 25, 2016 | Comment

What happens when you get over 100 Minnesota Vikings fans together on one field? You get our new commercial for the Minnesota Vikings scratch game. With Vikings-style ships, T-shirt cannons, and more purple and gold than you can shake a grilling spatula at, it’s a celebration of Vikings fandom.

The commercial was filmed on a farm in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. With rolling hills and scenic skies, it had all the cinematic grandeur we were looking for. What we weren’t counting on we’re the multitude of cow pies scattered in the grass. Sadly, many shoes were dirtied in the filming of this commercial.

Minnesota Vikings Commercial

Our cast of over 100 was made up of actual Vikings fans. In fact, many of the amazing costumes belonged to the cast members. And those amazing Viking shields and swords? Those were theirs, too. Rest assured, the passion for Vikings football you see is very, very real.

What aren’t “real” are the Viking ships that appear as the fans charge down the hill. A prop company built a realistic-looking vessel out of cardboard and lightweight wood. The bottom of the ship was cut out so it could be moved by the people standing inside. (Think Flintstones’ car.) So while it wasn’t sea-worthy, it was certainly an impressive feat of engineering. After filming, a visual effects artist duplicated the single boat to appear as a fleet of Viking warships.

Also added in were the numerous T-shirts flying through the air. A couple of T- shirt cannons were filmed separately and then placed in the scene later. After all, it was hard enough for the cast to run down the hill without them having to worry about getting hit by a shirt. 

Minnesota Vikings Commercial

Of course, there were too many other props involved to list here. Want to see what it took to bring everything together? Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to see some of what it took to make it happen.

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