Welcome. We're glad to have you here.

So, you’re probably wondering, “Why does the Minnesota Lottery have a blog and what will I find on it?”

Good question. Let’s see if this helps:

We created a blog to give a fresh perspective on the Lottery and create more of a relationship with you. It’s also a place for you to discover and be entertained by a whole mix of awesome stuff—everything from photos you’ve Instagrammed to reading how Lottery proceeds are helping the state’s environment.

So let us welcome you to the Minnesota Lottery blog. By the way, if you stumbled upon this page in search of our main site, head over to mnlottery.com (although, we must admit, we hope you stay here for a while).

What this blog is

First and foremost, it’s a blog. It’s a space for us to share updates, ideas, news, and content with you that is fun, exciting, different, and uniquely Minnesotan—things that embody the Lottery brand. While some might be directly tied to the Lottery, most of it will not. And that’s on purpose.

It’s also a place for us to interact with you, and you with us. We want to hear your reaction to what we’re posting. We do moderate the comments section so that we can all stay on topic. That being said, we want to hear whatever you have to say: comments, questions, suggestions, etc. Just know that anything with profanity, vulgar language, discrimination, or shaming will not be tolerated. We’re a friendly bunch and we hope you will be, too. For more of the fine print, check out our privacy and legal policies.

When you think about our blog, we want you to think of a combination of BuzzFeed, Pinterest, Upworthy, and your favorite lifestyle blogs, instead of a place for the Lottery to advertise products.

What this blog is not

Our blog is not another sales pitch, and we mean that. If you want to know more about our products, contests, promotions, and more, you can see all of that at mnlottery.com.

Additionally, this is not our customer service center. We’re happy to answer questions if they’re relevant to a post, but we won’t be addressing things that aren’t. Our team that manages the blog simply isn’t big enough for that. If you have concerns about the Lottery, any of our games, contests, odds of winning, or anything of the like, you can: visit mnlottery.com, email us at lottery@mnlottery.com, or give us a call us at 651-635-8273.

A final note

We’re excited to have this space to share with you. It’s a place to have fun, be a little quirky, and have conversations with you that aren’t possible on our other channels.

If you have suggestions for future content ideas, send us a message. We can’t wait to hear from you!