Lottery Proceeds Create a Greener Minnesota

October 4, 2016 | Comment

All Minnesotans were lottery winners this past fiscal year. We returned record profits to environmental funds and other important state programs. Prizes paid to players also hit a new record and our retailer partners earned record commissions. 

Of every dollar played on lottery games, 92 cents are returned to Minnesotans in the form of prize money, retailer commissions and contributions to the state for environmental projects, public services and problem gambling treatment programs.

Lottery players won more than ever. Every day, we paid an average of 90,000 prizes, totaling a record $365.9 million in prizes.

Minnesotans who love the outdoors win because more than $66.3 million was generated from Lottery sales to help preserve, restore and protect Minnesota’s environment during the fiscal year.

Here are a few of the examples of projects that Lottery dollars, through the Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund, have helped make happen:

  • Protecting Minnesota prairies, lakes, rivers, forests and wetlands from invasive plant and pest species, including emerald ash borer, Eurasian Milfoil, Asian carp and zebra mussel.
  • Improving water clarity and habitat quality in Minnesota’s waterways by restoring and protecting Minnesota’s native mussels, which are critically important to the health of Minnesota’s lakes and rivers. Their presence improves habitat and provides food for many other species.
  • Helping bees and native butterflies, which play a vital role in the pollination of agricultural crops and in supporting natural ecosystems, including Minnesota’s prairies.

Since the lottery's inception, more than $2.6 billion has helped make our state an even better place to live: $1.1 billion has helped preserve, restore and protect Minnesota’s environment in every county of the state and $1.5 billion has helped fund state programs through the General Fund. 

Fiscal Year 2016 Infographic

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