Lake City lottery retailer offers lunches by the lake

June 21, 2017 | Comment


#OnlyinMN can you get homemade lunches and bait and tackle at your local gas station, making this Mom and Pop convenience store in Lake City truly a one-stop lottery shop.

US Gas in Lake City, located off of Highway 61, overlooking beautiful Lake Pepin isn’t your typical convenience store. They offer home cooked lunches every Monday through Friday for just five bucks a piece—a price that can’t be beat.

Tater Tot hotdish and hot roast beef sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy are just a couple of classic Minnesota dishes they offer. Another popular menu item is their homemade cinnamon rolls served fresh every weekend.

Store manager Kathy Sanders says they make all of their food from scratch in-house. “It’s a huge draw for the locals,” she said. “Customers are in and out in only a couple of minutes,” redefining fast food for this convenience store.

US Gas has tables on the inside where customers can eat their lunch—and of course scratch their lottery tickets—but when it’s nice outside, customers are more likely to head outdoors and take in the views of Lake Pepin.

This time of year, tourism is booming for Lake City (a.k.a Minnesota’s south shore) and Kathy says she loves seeing the tourists return each summer. “We are close to a lot of state parks and campgrounds so we tend to get the same people back here every year with their trailers.” Adding, “We get all sorts of people in—boaters and fisherman. It’s is like being on vacation for me too! We are right next to the lake with a pretty view. You can’t go wrong!”

US Gas is equally known for their large selection of scratch tickets. “It brings a lot of people in, that’s for sure, especially when the Powerball is up,” said Kathy. “It’s always exciting when people win big!”

But what really puts Lake City on the map (and on the Lottery’s #OnlyinMN scratch ticket) is the fact that they are known as the birthplace of water skiing, which was invented in 1922 by Lake City native Ralph Samuelson.

Water skiing is celebrated every summer in Lake City during Water Ski Days, a popular three-day festival that takes place the last full weekend each June. “It’s a fun weekend to be a part of,” Kathy said. “There are a lot of water ski shows, arts and crafts and a parade. It’s truly a small-town charm atmosphere!”


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