How to Make an Emoji Piñata

July 8, 2017 | Comment

Are you game to add a little more fun to the next party? Say I'MN to a lottery ticket-filled emoji piñata!



1. Flatten a large cardboard box and use a round object, like a large mixing bowl, to trace and cut out two circles.

2. Using one of the previously cut circles, measure and cut out a strip of cardboard that is 2 inches wide and is long enough to wrap all the way around the circles.  Bend the cardboard and roll it up so it takes to a round shape easily.

3. Wrap the strip around the circle piece and tape them together.

4. Using a pair of scissors or a hole punch, make two holes in the strip of cardboard that are two inches apart. Push the rope through the holes and pull the rope through so that it is even on both sides.

5. Fill your piñata base with lottery tickets, cover with the second cardboard circle and tape shut.

6. Using a stack of yellow tissue paper, cut 1-inch notches along the edge. Cut all the way across making several strips to decorate your piñata.

7. Glue strips of tissue paper onto the cardboard piñata base starting from the bottom. Slightly overlap each strip to achieve a fully covered look. Apply the same method to the sides and back until fully covered. Trim off any excess with scissors.

8. Draw out the emoji expression on construction paper and cut out with scissors. Glue each piece onto the piñata.

9. String from a tree, or strong beam and have fun!

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