Glam up your WE Fest campsite

July 20, 2018 | Comment

Headed to WE Fest? Time to plan what to pack. Don’t forget to bring the extras to GLAM up your campsite!

Glamp Style

Want to do a little glamping? Bring more blankets than you need and more pillows than you can carry. Add some fairy lights and you’ve got it.

Camp in Comfort

Everyone’s got an air-mattress. Stand out from the crowd. Pick up some cheap and awesome inflatable furniture. The WE Fest days get long and you’ll want a comfy place to land.

Trash is Treasure

Did you forget to bring along your tent decorations?  Get your trash out of the way - beer cans, red solo cups, lost socks - and make an ever-changing measurement of all the fun you can’t remember you had. 

Spa Time

It could be a long, hot weekend. Be prepared! Set up your “spa” and get ready to make friends!

Play Time!

Catch one of our carts in the campground or stop by one of our booths in the concert bowl and get a great gift with your lottery purchase. Enter for FREE to win a $500 Visa gift card and play a game of bags. We'll see ya there!

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